Repetier Host get "Too many items in combo box" error when connecting to Repetier Server in PI3

I encounter "Exception during socket read: Too many items in combo box" error when connecting Repetier Host 1.6.2 to Repetier Server 0.75.1 installed on PI3. I have no problem connecting and printing if the Repetier Server is setup on a Windows PC. How can I resolve this?


  • When exactly do you get the error and is it a reliable way to get the error or does it?

    One thing might be that the server has no printers defined? Then the combo would be empty which could be a problem.
  • I have printer defined. I can access to my printer if I access the repetier server via a browser, print, control and check status of the printer no problem. But if I connect from Repetier Host the repetier server will have the error immediately.
  • Sorry typo error. If I connect to Repetier Host to the Repetier Server the error will occur and show on the Repetier Host log at the bottom.
  • I have this same exact problem.
  • I have the same problem, same software versions: Repetier-Server 0.75.1 on a RPi3, Repetier-Host 1.6.2 on Windows 10. Repetier-Server is successfully installed on the Pi, I can access the printer, send commands and print jobs. But Repetier-Host returns the error in the title of this thread. 
    I type in the IP address of the Pi, paste in the Api key (copied from Repetier-Server), and click "Connect to Continue". Its when I click "Connect..." that the error begins. See screenshot below
    Thank you for the help!

  • For the record, I was able to connect Repetier-Host to the server on the Pi one time. I loaded, sliced, and sent a print from Repetier-Host. But the printer kept pausing during the print for several seconds, leaving melty blob spots. I thought it might be a connection issue so I changed the baud rate from 250000 to 115200 in the firmware and in Repetier (however, I had no trouble with prints pausing at this baud rate when connecting the computer directly to the printer with a serial connection, but I wanted to try something). It was after changing this that I can no longer connect to the Pi. But I can't connect after changing the baud rate back, so that may be unrelated.
  • This error is clearly host related and is independent of any baud rate. You should be able to even connect when printer is offline, as long as pi is running. I think it is related to the dropdown where you can select the printer name on server. This changes length during connection and there seems to go something wrong.

    Regarding pi problems - make sure you have thick usb cable (AWG20 cables) for power. Thin lines do not provide enough current and voltage goes down and this seems very critical on a pi.
  • Thanks for the response, your idea about the dropdown where you select the printer name helped me solve the problem. I deleted the printer name in the very top dropdown box and re-created it with the connection settings. It then connected successfully. Hopefully this works for others with the same problem.

    Regarding printing from the pi, I uploaded a gcode file to the server on the pi and printed from there. It printed fine, so I don't think there's a connection issue between the pi (server) and the printer. Its the same USB cable I've been using to print directly from the PC. I will continue to troubleshoot the pausing during printing separately. Thanks again for the help with this.
  • Actually I meant the USB cable powering the PI not the one connecting to printer.

  • Oh I see, thanks for clarifying. It is a 2.5A charger and is supposedly reputable from the company that sold me the Pi. I'll keep an eye on it.
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