Version 1.6.2 Freezes about half-way through print

I downloaded Version 1.6.2.  Every time at about the halfway point the printer stops.  Extruder and bed temperatures stay on.  Nothing can be moved, the only thing that responds is Pause or Kill Print.  I have a Printrbot Plus Metal and a Makerfarm i3v.  It does tis on both.

I reinstalled Version 1.6.1 and everything is back to normal.


  • In such cases the full log (written file) of the time when it happens is required. There are too many reasons what might go wrong. My prints succeeded so far.
  • Long time, but just to follow up.  I started having the same problem with 1.6.1.

    The full log shows nothing except the last commands.  Here's the last few lines:

    < 08:13:49.598 : N13046 G1 X69.604 Y201.757 E406.732*93
    > 08:13:50.645 : ok
    < 08:13:50.645 : N13047 M105*38
    > 08:13:50.739 : ok
    < 08:13:50.739 : N13048 G1 X66.643 Y

    The last few lines of the log window at the bottom of Repetier has:

    08:12:47.545 : Printing layer 18 of 157
    08:15:14.466 : Communication timeout - reset send buffer block
    08:16:14.535 : Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

    So, looks like a USB problem.  I recently bought a new desk top and thinking it has a USB problem.

  • Some printers are very picky about usb voltage. So might be that a active powered usb hub would stabilize it better, preventing usb crash. Some pcs have better/more power then others.
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