Something cant count

I am using Repetier-server with Repetier-firmware running on a Radds board.
Something cant count, all was fine until i purchased a licence for the server, now if i get a layer count its wrong (usually 1 or 2 layers out) but most of the time it is on layer 0 of however many layers. 
The reported Z height is correct.
I usually keep the slicer software open and when passing see how it is going and look for the next changes. I can do this with height but it would be nice to know what layer it is on.


  • We don't know how slicers count and have our own numbering which can be different. Spiral vase will for example have very high layer number. Some slicers count raft as negative layer numbers so real print starts at 1. We don't know what raft is and count it already as 1. Such things result in a layer shift, which is not an error.
  • Ok But most of the time my software says layer 0/layer count.
    At the present time both the 20x4 lcd and the server software say layer 0/260  the Z height is correct at 1.9mm. The strange thing was it was working until i put in the licence for the server software (most probably a coincidence). 
    Its not that much of a problem it would just be nice to know why.  
  • Ok, that is a different error. Are you on latest 0.75.1 server release? I have seen this in past and thought it was fixed. Haven't seen it for a while now.
  • Yes I am on the issue 0.75.1 pro.
    This only happens sometimes, yesterday it was on layer 0 for 260 layer print today it is OK it says it is one layer behind the slicer but that's fine, I just took it that the slicer starts at layer 1 and the firmware at layer 0. 
    As i said its not the end of the world i can just use the Z height.
    The software as a bundle using the firmware with server with Radds is very good, the best setup i have used.  
    It would be nice if on the control screen the temp and movement panels were under the G Code panel but that's just me being lazy not wanting to scroll. 
    I dont pay for much software (usually because it only dose part of what i want)  but was happy to pay for the server so i must think its a good bit of software.
    Looking forward to slicing and touch screen. 
  • I'm too on the 0.75.1 release. And have this issue too. Sometimes it doesn't count and i have while printing layer 0/xxx and sometimes it counts completely wrong e.g. counts at layer 90 to 110 and not counting before or after.
    I encounterd this issue because the time-lapse video was not complete from start to end. So i switches the Time-Lapse to "Every x seconds". 
    Every x Layer or every x height didn't work reliable.
  • Thanks for the feedback, I will watch the current release for the error, but think it then was the next release where I fixed it. Been using it for a while now and as soon as the new touchscreen interface is finished it will be published.
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