Gcode "Subcodes" don't work in Repetier Host


I've been using Repetier host for a year or so. Tonight, I wanted to make some tweaks to my Smoothieboard config to enable custom subcodes for multiple fans. The way this is supposed to work is that I can enable a subcode for M106, which will allow me to send "M106.1" to control a secondary fan. 

Repetier host doesn't honor the subcode, though. Instead, it seems to send both "M106" and "M106.1". However, when I try the same thing using Pronterface, it works without flaw. Is there something I can configure in RH to make this work correctly?



  • M/G/T are always integer codes in Repetier. I could make them switch to force ascii in that case for next release coming next week. I think that should then work.
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