Hi!! I'm new at this forum

I need your help, people.. I just bought a Delta-600 , (Arduino Mega2560). The problem is that i have already install the firmware that the people in China send me, but when i try to connect the printer with the Repetier Host, it just can't: image

I hope you can help me to solve this problem, i been trying to do this for a big while, but i have no more ideas.

Best regards!


  •  I don't know if the screenshot can see, but, it says "communication timeout - reset send buffer lock" over and over again...Also the Extrusor says" "0°C/Off" . And i can't control the printer with the manual control...something that i think it's weird is that i can control the speed of the ventilator, but just it...i can't control the axis.

    Thank you!
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