exporting printer config?

since printer settings are saveable and removable, arn't they exportable & importable? So that you can take ure settings with you and can use other pc's with their own hosts installed on it, without having to mess with their settings.?


  • No that is not directly possible. The settings contain path, registry entries and slicer configs are in extra directories for each slicer. With the new server we have unified this into a single exportable/importable file. For host you need to copy slicer profiles and export registry part (HKCU/Software/repetierHost/...)
  • Would there be a simple way to export printer settings from a PC and import them to a mac version? I can do it with the slic3r profiles, just wondering about the Host settings.
  • No, mac has a completely different kind of registry and the software is also an independent software and has nothing in common with windows host.
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