[0.75.1] Invalid strings being sent for LCD messaging

I'm running the 0.75.1b armel version of the server software on a pcduino2 board.  It appears when sending messages to the firmware for display in the LCD comment area, it is not quoting the strings properly so only the part of the message up to the first space is displayed.  For instance, when the printer is initialized, it looks to be sending the IP address of the server for display on the LCD.  What I see is "IP" and in the console log I see a message something like "invalid command 192.168.xxx.xxx".  When displaying times such as ETE, I only see the hour and not the rest.  So if the ETE is 08:25:40, I only see "08" on the display.  I'm using the last stable release of the Marlin firmware and a RepRap discount LCD unit.


  • This problem is fixed in next server release or alternative in marlin rc tree. Problem is that firmware used to split lines into several command using ":" sign, and there is no exception for text commands like M117 or files. So marlin RC has remove dthe splitting and next server has removed ":" for backward compatibility. In ETA display select disabled or layer until you have a fixed version. The error on connect can be ignored.
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