[0.75.1] Print stopped in the middle, no apparent cause

I have the 0.75.1b armel version installed on a pcduino2 board.  Everything has been working fine for about a week now.  My regular print jobs work normally, I have the webcam operational.

Yesterday I started a job which was scheduled for about 8+ hours.  Somewhere around 3-4 hours into printing, I went to check on it and found the printer stopped.  It stopped right in the middle of printing a layer, the extruder was still at the last point of extrusion, but the extruder heat was off as well as the heated bed.  The LCD display showed "Finished", but it was nowhere near finished.  The webcam was still working normally, and I could still manually control the printer from the server interface, so nothing was locked up or frozen.  There was no indication anywhere as to why it stopped.

I've since loaded that gcode to the SD card and am printing the job today.  So far I'm in about 5 hours with no issues and it's past the point where it stopped yesterday.  I'm using Marlin firmware last release version.
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