issue with z aspect ratio

Hi, i have a strange problem
When i print with resolution 0.2mm i obtain pices with Z in half size.
For example, if i print a piece of 10x10x10 mm (x,y,z) in a 0.2 resolution, i obtain a piece of 10x10x5 nn (x,y,z)

With resolution 0.05, 0,1 and 0,3 i have no problems.

thanks in advance :)


  • If 0,1 and 0,3 work 0,2 must also work. Does the z position on printer display also show 10mm at 10mm or 5mm as printed? Then it would be more a problem of gcode only going up to 5mm. There is at least no special handling for 0.2mm all is handled. You could try raising by hand
    G1 Z0.2
    G1 Z0.4
    G1 Z10

    and see if that works. 

    So first check if slicer or firmware/printer causes the problem and then go deeper.
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