Top end-stop on Z-Axis: how to configure

I am trying to hook up a LulzBot mini to the Repetier-Server and am having a heck of a time trying to get the Z-axis sorted out. The problem is that on this printer the Z-axis end-stop is at the top, not at the bed level, so when I home it, the Z-Home position is really something like 160mm. At the bottom, this printer has the four bed leveling pads. Which values do I configure for the Z-Home, Z-Max, and inverting the Z-axis to make this work correctly? Thanks!


  • Since you have z max endstop set z home position to your z max coordinate you have after homing in printer configuration in server. Don't work about micro leveling as next G0/G1 absolute move will correct anything regardless of homing position.
  • That worked, thanks.
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