Not working Calling External Commands on 0.75.1

I'm using the latest beta version 0.75.1 on a Raspberry PI3 and I am trying to configure Calling External Commands to turn on and off the printer from the GPIO.

I've done step by step everything that comes in the documentation and every time I think the RepetierServer-extra.xml file, the server will not start.

I've looked at the logs and no information of what may be happening. No matter the content of the file, even empty failure.

I do not know what else to do, is a nuisance ssh access each time you turn on the printer.

A greeting.


  • RepetierServer-extra.xml  is for overwriting RepetierServer.xml  settings and must have similar format, just omitting some parts is allowed. But that has nothing to do with external commands. These are defined in extcommands.xml in database directory. See manual advanced setup for more details. Also think about the id commands are executed - they get executed as repetierserver user, so make them executable for everyone.
  • Thanks for answering.

    First I tried the extcommands.xml file in the database directory and by failing to make it work I went to RepetierServer-extra.xml file as a last resort.

    Now I start the service (with extcommands.xml and modifying file permissions on sudoers.d), but now can not find anywhere any buttons to execute commands do not appear in the right menu. I am using the example unmodified Advanced Setup documentation.
  • You need to restart the server to read the file. Then reload webpage. It should be in the top most right menu at the bottom.
    Make sur eit is a ascii text file not a word file or something like that.

    Check $datadir/log/server.log for any error messages.
  • Longer works, I have removed the last line that was error.

    Thank you very much.
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