Can't upload to RAMBO Board

Every time I try to upload firmware I get this error message and upload fails
What does it mean and how can I solve this problem?  I am running Windows 10,and Arduino 1.6.9 the board is recognised by Windows and Repetier Host but I just cant upload new firmware to it. Any good advice?

This is the message:
Warning: Board Arduino_1.x.x:rambo:mega2560 doesn't define a 'build.board' preference. Auto-set to: RAMBO_MEGA2560
recipe.preproc.macros pattern is missing

Error compiling for board Rambo.


  • looks like you modified the Arduino IDE to support RAMBO but the definition was not complete (build.board). Don't have a RAMBO so can't say if that is necessary at all or what it should be set to. I guess the rambo homepage should tell you more.
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