Can't delete printer (raspberry pi)

Greetings. I am having a lot of UI trouble when logging into the repetier server running on a raspberry pi on a web browser (accessing within the raspberry pi). 

When I first access the server in the web browser, it seems kind of random as to whether or not I'll see anything on the screen other than the green progress bar that says "XX gb free". A lot of the time I never see the printer dialog.

Next, I made a mistake setting up a printer and I wanted to delete it. I click the "gear" icon but nothing happens. Not sure if that's just for decoration or what. I then click "Go to printer" and that works. I click the menu button, select "Delete", and nothing happens...I then get impatient and try to click the main "Repetier Server" header at the top of the page, and I see some kind of popup dialog appear for about half a second. Can't really read it and I don't have time to click it.

So yeah...I'm failing at basic UI


  • Please connect using ethernet not wlan and test again. That sounds much like a bad network connection, also I sometimes have to wait a few seconds for main screen to fill with data. This is a second step - afte rloading the program it starts fetching data from the server. You might also check the javascript console for errors.

    What browser do you use? We prefer and develop on Chrome which gives the best experience.
  • I'm using whatever the raspberry pi 3's default browser is, but it doesn't seem to have networking issues outside of the server. Example: I can go on youtube and watch videos pretty seamlessly
  • You mean you browse ON the pi with the normal frontend? Not sure if that is a good idea as the normal frontend is quite heavy so that might be the reason. What happens if you connect from your local pc to the pi?

    For the pi we have special frontends for several resolutions that are not that heavy weighted and are known to work. You normally run them in kiosk mode so they fill up the complete screen. See manual for the urls of this frontend.
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