Extruder temperature wont go above 200°

Hey Guys,
I recently got myself a MakiBox A6 and had a lot of trouble... but at this point i dont know what else to do: My "default extruder temp." ist set to 235° (Im using ABS) and my "max extruder temp." is set to 300°. So far so good but when I start to print something it seems repetier is changing my "default extruder temp." to 200° and it starts printing after reching this tempreture. I dont know what to do so hopefully you can help me. Thank you in advance.


  • Host and firmware have both max temp. settings, so make sure both can handle it. Firmware default is 260 I think.
  • Yeah I set the max exruder temp. in the firmware to 250° but at every printstart repetier is sending "N960 M104 S200 *72" and sets the max extruder temp. to 200° again. I tryed to use a "Start Code" script but the script starts before repetier sending the 200°-command so it is almost immediately overwritten.
  • M104 sets current temperature not max temperature. Could it be that your filament settings for the slicer have temperature set to 200?
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