Inner and Outer walls

Im' trying to print a several times a Makerfare Robot.

When i slice with Curaengine everything seems fine. But when i print the outer wall is getting thicker, it print the outer wall to the outside.

This causes that elements that have to been moveable stick to each other. The space between to objects decrease.

Is there a solution that my Vertex K8400 printer from Velleman in the repetirehost stettings can print the outerwall first en than the inner walls ?


  • In Slic3r you can set outer perimeter first. Normally the problem comes from a wrong flow multiplier making everything too big. With PLA your flow multiplier is between 0.7 and 0.9, normally around 0.85. Objects with close surfaces are always hard to print as there is always a small imperfection that touches on very close walls.
  • How to i set outer perimeter first?

    I work with curaengine.

    I dont't have te wright settings for slic3R in repetierhost for my Vertex K8400 printer off Velleman

  • In Repetier-Host
    Slicer   -  CuraEngine  -  Configuration  -  Extrusion  -  Check the box "Perimeter before Infill"
  • did not find the  "premimeter before infille" box.

  • I have R-H ver 1.6.1
    On the Repetier-Host main screen
    The section on the Right side of screen. Select the Slicer Tab 
    Make sure CuraEngine is selected in the Slicer dropdown box.Select the Configuration box.
    Under the CuraEngine Settings make sure the Print Tab is selected.
    Under Extrusion there should be a box you can check labeled "Perimeter before Infill"

    Hope that helps.

  • I have installed the new version. But where can i set the flow multiplier.

    thanks already for your help !

  • Slicer - CuraEngine - Configuration - Filament Tab selected - Flow %
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