crash after scaling

I am running repetier host on a w10 machine.

When I scale an object an slice it Repetier constantly crashes with a 'Repetier host has stopped working"

When I don't scale the object everything works fine.

What can be the problem?


  • When does it crash? When starting slicing or when loading sliced result back into host?

    If scaling means enlarge the result will need more ram and video ram, so that might be a memory problem. Or does it also work with shrinking? Which slicer do you use?

  • The problem only happened with Windows 10.
    Reverting back to windows 7 on my laptop solved the problem.

    So I guess windows 10 is not compatible with my laptop and it has nothing to do with repetier.
  • At least scaling is possible in general under W10. So it is most probably a external library that makes problems. Th ecrash event would have shown the place where it crashes, also that is not always the faulty part.
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