Adafruit 2.8" PITFT Touchscreen

I’m running Repetier-Server on my Raspberry Pi 2 and I bought an Adafruit 2.8” PITFT screen for it. I also got the frontend page for the screen which works great.

The problem is, I believe the page was designed for a 3.5” screen. Is there a chance you have a design for the 2.8” screen, or at least instructions to modify it to put the smaller screen?

I found the documentation and found the 800x480 front ..and looking much better. I notice the URL is pretty much a full server web front end like just going to http://repetier-server:3344   and I’m not able to scroll around or move the screen any on my touchscreen, but I can now at least see the Stop AND Pause button and more of the progress bar and stats.



  • These frontends are designed to fit exactly on the screen which is why they have a resolution. You can scroll in them but only where needed for the resolutions. 

    Since we have currently no proper variant for small displays (I'm sure they will come but that will take a bit as I'm designing a new class for designing frontends), I have a temporary solution.

    In install directory /usr/local/Repetier-Server/modules/front/www/800x480
    is a file index.html showing the start screen. Change line 23 to

    <body ng-controller="FrontController" class="noselect" style="transform: scale(0.5);transform-origin: 0 0;">
    That will reduce size to 50% (might need even 0.4 if you have 320x24 pixel). Then you see the complete page.
    Only thing is that fonts may be harder to read.

  • Hmm.. That did not appear to make a difference for me. I made the change and restarted X.

    Also.. do you have the method for making this work on boot with systemd since Jessie switch to it away from Sysvinit.

    For now, I just ssh in and start it manually.

  • Sure you are using the right url to display? On my chrome it worked locally.

    Even on jessie our start script starts the server. The only thing that currently seems weired is that restart only stops or starts. I'm still checking why this happens with systemd as it works on sysvinit and there seems a wrapper for old style init scripts.
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