Black 3D View

I installed RH 1.6.1 onto a Sony Vaio running WIN7 and the 3D view is black. I read on other posts to use the legacy 3D library but do not know how to select the legacy option. Can someone help me with this? 


  • It is in the installer where you select legacy version.

    Also try in energy savings full power for cpu. For some users this helped.
  • Thank you.

    Does the printer need to be connected to the laptop to see the 3D view properly?

  • I reinstalled using the legacy version and still have the same issue. I also changed my power settings. What else should I try?
  • You need no connection to printer to see it.

    What does the log say about OpenGL version it finds? I guess it does not find OpenGL so question is do you have a OpenGL driver installed? Would also explain why it does not find one.
  • I do not know what an OpenGL driver is nor how to look for it. But, I successfully installed on an old Dell Latitude D610 running Xp as well as a Toshiba Satellite running Vista so I'll use one of those.

    Thanks for your help  

  • OpenGL is a 3d driver like direct x, just another specification that is available on all operating systems instead only for windows. So it would come with your graphic card.
  • I was able to get it working on a Dell D620 running win7 by changing the draw method to "immediate" in the 3D visualization in the preference menu. You need to restart the software for the change to take affect or toggle the "show print bed" just above the other setting.  Note that I did install the legacy visual version when installing 1.6.2. 
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