Messed up caves/holes rendering

edited May 2016 in CuraEngine
I observed that STLs that I sucessfully rendered with RepetierHost (RH) with CuraEngine many months ago, now are messed up. In some models with holes or caves CuraEngine generates fills in fragments or completely. I double checked models (they are manifold, normals correct etc). Same STLs in Cura (14.07) and in RH with Slic3r are correctly rendered. Note that all settings for preview are not realistic for printing (lack of support etc) however slicer itself should not change 3D model shape.
I suspected that CuraEngine itself could change over time giving these problems to RH. I am confused however since it behaves same (wrong) way in RH in older versions -- checked 1.6.1, 1.6.0, 1.5.6 and 1.0.2... Now I am puzzled since 1.0.2 was for sure working ok for me for these models. I do not want to give up on RH Any ideas?





  • Doh... problem solved after meticulous check of print profile... I have checked "Combine Everything (Type B)" in Cura Settings > Print > Advanced... and that messed up slicing. Case closed :/
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