Adjusting distance from bed

I have just been given a delta printer and I am trying to set up some easy scripts which can be used by anyone to setup the printer.
The process of setting up:
  1. Home
  2. Calibrate (auto mode)
  3. Adjust Z for bed coating
  4. more settings....
I am stuck on number 3, it has to be done manually but I want to find the G code command to do it. The printer has options for buildtak, painters tape, kapton tape and pritt stick. I believe it just adds an offset but im not sure.

I use M114 to get the position when at home for the z axis, then I change the surface to buildtak and send M114 again at the home position and theres a 0.4mm diffrence in the 2 readings (thickness of buildtak).

One method I thought of was to go to a known position, say 100.4 and set the axis to 100. BUT if the code is run twice it would add up creating a 0.8mm offset. When it is set up manually, if the build surface offset has already been entered it doesnt modify it again.

How would I change the build surface height in G code?
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