extruder output graph

the new release seems to have a non functional extruder temp graph

output bed graph looks fine


  • Or your firmware send in wrong format. What firmware are you using? MarlinKimbra recently fixed the wrong format in development tree.
  • It was the marlin version that came on the printrboard. But I dont think that is the issue. It worked fine before the repetier upgrade. After the upgrade it doesn't put output to the graph though the pid on the board works fine.

    This appears to be a issue with the newest upgrade to repetier.
  • Since temp. parsing was working I have not changed it with the update. But I can recheck if you send me part of the log containing your temp. feedback from firmware. Just enable logging in general settings and restart. It is futile to speculate for what input we get wrong response.
  • I can see from the temp graph that the PID is working great. I know the Output Extruder must be correct... I just like seeing the output extruder graphically.

    Regardless I will turn on logger and send it to you.

    Thank you.


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