Printing jobs randomly stop

Running a K8200 with Mac and Mac Host. Using firmware that I believe comes with the Mac Host. For a year the printer has run fine. Now it will randomly stop during print jobs even jobs printed before without problems. Clicking Fake OK lets the job continue. Some jobs take hours to complete. I can't stay with the printer waiting to see if it stops. I could use some advice on where to start solving this problem. Thank you.


  • Correction:  Firmware did not come with mac Host. I did download the firmware from the Repetier web site.
  • You better switch to repetier-server for sending data to printer. The server has a timeout that continues automatically when you have communication errors. In combination with latest firmware it is even better in correcting errors automatically and you can reduce timeout even to 3s when using the development firmware version.
  • Thank you for responding. Does a time out mean that the printer kills the job or can you restart the job from where the pause occurred?
  • The timeout is like hitting the "ok" in host. It triggers sending the next line. So job simpley continues.
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