Increase display time for tool tips

Some of the tool tips are long and detailed, but they are not displayed long enough to read them, and it is difficult to refresh them and keep them on the screen. 

Is there a way to increase the display time for the help tips?  I'm afraid I might be missing something critical. 

I've seen registry parameters for hover time, and others associated with tool tips, but I didn't find or recognize one for the display time.

I'm using Repetier Host on Win 8.1 and 10


  • Trick is to not hold the mouse. As soon as you move the mouse the tip disappears.
  • I'm aware of the mouse movement termination. The real problem is that in my machines the time-out is only 5 seconds, even if you hold the mouse rock steady.  That's enough for a phrase of a short sentence, but not enough for some of the lengthy tips in Repetier Host.  If there's an .INI file or text file that I could browse, maybe that would be good enough.  I didn't find any other means to lengthen the time out, but there has to be one somewhere.

    I suppose I could photograph them.
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