Show Filament stopped working

Hi.  This is my first post to the forum.  So, any help would be appreciated.  I am using Repetier Host V1.6.1 with a Printrbot Simple.  I'm bootstrapping an X axis upgrade with the new (330mm) rods, ends and GT2 belt already in place.  I increased the print bed size from 100mm to 150mm.  Now I'm working to increase the print bed size to match the full length of my extended rods.  Recently, the Show Filament button stopped working.  Show Travel still functions.  But, it's really hard to see the detail.  I haven't found any reason for this, yet.  I've disabled Easy Mode, toggled Show Filament, restarted both Repetier and my computer to no avail.  If I disable Show Travel, the print plate just looks empty in Repetier.  Actual physical prints are working fine. 
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