Repetier-server no printing, but manual works

Hi, I've been using Repetier server (0.70.1) for some time now on a raspberry pi, however all of a sudden, it no longer would process a print job, manual control works fine in either the web interface or via Repetier-host.  However, it does nothing when its sent a print command, the GCO appears to load on the server fine, just nothing happens when it asked to print. Any ideas?


  • If you put more then 1 file into print you get a waiting queue and new prints don't start but get added to waiting print jobs. At that point you need to select them in the waiting queue to print or delete the queue and start print.
  • no, there is nothing in the que.
  • Hi, have the same problem, do you have a solution ???
  • First check in print if you have there a second queue with waiting prints. Then you can delete these files or start them. That is the only normal reason a print does not start when added as the server does not know which of the stored prints to start first.

    If that does not help stop server, go to data directory->printer->"sour printer name"->jobs and delete all files in that directory,start server.
  • Hi,

    how can I check a second queue ( I even dont know how to see the first...) ?

    Where can I find the files have to be printed in filesystem ?

  • Data directory is storage directory from our manual and depends on your os, the rest of the path I already described. 

    If you go to printer the page you see the gcodes is called "Print".

    If you have a waiting print queue you see them at top followed by stored g-codes which you always see.
  • Hi again,

    after deactivating and adding a new printer with the same settings the queue now is deleted, seems to be ok...

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