How to set home?

Hi all,

I am using Repetier-Host V1.0.6. How do I set the coordinates of home? (The STL file I am printing needs to start a point other than 0,0,0). Thanks.


  • You place the object on the bed where you want it printed. You do not change printer home position. Home position is invariant and always the same. Slicer add a coordinate offset depending on position on bed.

    In printer settings you can define what home means for your printer (min/max/0).
  • I need the printer bed to start at a lower position than is set for home - how do I do this?
  • (as I think I understand now that changing the home position effects only the extruder, not the stage bed, and the stage bed is what I need to change)
  • If your bed changes height I hope you have z max homing.

    We have a variable bed coating that can adjust z=0. Works also for z min but z min endstop must be deepest position so it will crash into bed for higher beds, whcih is why z max is then better. Also it might work with spring loaded beds.
  • You shouldn't do this. Your lowest Z should be just enough room that the printer can make its first layer. any closer and you'd squish your head and bed together.

    That said though if you really want too, "M851 Z-n.nn" will let you.
  • Also, if you don't have enough spacing between the bed and nozzle, you WILL clog your printer. The melted filament will travel up the heat break and then solidify again. If that happens and you can't use the Atomic Method to clear, you will most likely be manually cleaning out your hotend.
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