Print Job Status - Layer stuck on Zero

Hi Repetier,

My Server running on a Pi2 sometimes it does record a time-lapse video, but sometimes there is only 1 image.

I have now noticed that the layer number shown on the Print Job is stuck at 0. The server also displays "Layer 0/100" on the printer LCD.

I suspect that the first print after a reboot works correctly, but have not tested this yet.

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  • Oh, by the way, I have set my timelaps to record one frame per layer. This is why the layer stuck at 0 and time-lapse is related...

    Also, on that same print in the image above, the layer has now jumped to 26, and now it follows the printing, now at 27.

    But it was stuck at 0 for the first 20 or so layers.

    Sliced with Repetier Host/Cura, and printing directly from Host, without first uploading to the server(I clicked the Print button on the Print Preview screen, while Host is connected to the Server).

    Thank you,

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    Edit. Thought I had pinpointed the issue, but have not.

    Current print was stuck at 0 for first 10 layers. It is now printing layer 18 according to Host, but Web says layer 9...

  • I've also seen this happen but not able to reproduce. So it is not clear what causes this behaviour, but I'm testing to get it again and hopefully remember what makes it fail.
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