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Hi all,

I just get the sources of the CuraEngine that I recompile after modified it.
But now, I can't use my modifications within Reptier-Host, because the CuraEngine Plugin bundled within is not handling it.

I'll explain myself :
  • In CuraEngine
    •  I added a Flavour for my printer in settings.h
    • In gcodeExport.cpp::switchExtruder I added an "else if" to check on my flavor
    • When I execute a slicing with the Cura Command Line alone, it will apply the conditionnal I added.
  • In Repetier-Host
    • When I go to the Plugin Cura -> Setting, I can't apply my flavor, because it's not directly related to the CuraEngine.exe
    • There is a CuraEngine.dll which contain the GUI of the CuraEngine Plugin
    • Where the sources of that dll could be find in order to apply modifications to execute my previous modifications?

I trying to find the sources of the GUI of the Cura Slicer which is bundled with Reptier-Host Software.

Thanks in Advance !


  • Sources are not freely available, so you can not do this on your own. If you get david to include it in the official CuraEngine, please let me know and I add it to the list of supported flavors.
  • Hi,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I tought the present version of Repetier-Host was still under Apache Licence 2.0 !
    So I can base my work on the version 0.90 which is available on GitHub ?
    But that version, it doesn't handle multi extruders, is it ?

    For the supported Flavor, we have a printer which is build with the Sailfish Firmware, this is why the code doesn't completely fit to it.

    When you're speaking of David, you mean the user Daids on GitHub ?
    I can try to reach him.
  • 0.90 has no CureEngine support, so that would not help either. And multi extruder support is there, but limited.

    David Braam = Daid on github = author of CuraEngine

    Question: Does the host communicate with sailfish or do they use a incompatible protocol?
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