fully 3d view

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now i dont know if this is already in the making, but with a 3d preview already existing why not a real 3d object. 

so when looking at the 3d object you could move the object around its axis to see if everything looks good. (the host can do this) 
I think this is doable for windows or mac but i dont know if the pi can handle this. 

just a idea :D 


  • 3d views are handled on the viewer meaning your pc/handy. For the coming slicer integration we do this, but with gcode it is much more memory intensive and javascript is not very nice on such big data. Even the host has problems if models get too big. We had such a 3d view at the beginning with just lines which is ugly. And it already got slow not thinking of the fully 3d rendered filaments:-) So we leave that till computers and handys are more powerfull.
  • Many people have high end PCs that can *easily* handle such simple JavaScript.

    At the very least this should be an option in settings... you don't even need to write it yourself, you could use gCodeViewer (demo), which is under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

  • Gcodeviwer is no option. Development stopped, could mot rotate on tablet and line 3d view. If i do it it should be like in our host but that is where memory usage goes straight up as javascript is using more then c# or c++ for same thing. If i find a good solution with shaders to achieve this it might work.
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