Roll back from 0.75 to 0.70.1?

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me how I roll back to 0.70.1?

0.75 gave me a lot of issues. Some pages where just garbage, some 3d previews that was rendered on 0.70.1 would not how, or showed as "broken image".

I have now reinstalled 0.70.1 over 0.75 but I now only get a blank page when I connect to the server. The page source only contains:


  • BTW, this is on Pi2, running hardfloat.

    This install logs:
    pi@Kossel:~ $ sudo dpkg -i Repetier-Server-0.70.1-Linux.deb
    dpkg: warning: downgrading repetier-server from 0.75.0 to 0.70.1
    (Reading database ... 40993 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to unpack Repetier-Server-0.70.1-Linux.deb ...
    Uninstall Repetier-Server
    [ ok ] Stopping RepetierServer (via systemctl): RepetierServer.service.
    Unpacking repetier-server (0.70.1) over (0.75.0) ...
    Setting up repetier-server (0.70.1) ...
    Install Repetier-Server
    You may see warnings about groups. These can be ignored.
    The user `repetierserver' is already a member of `tty'.
    adduser: The group `intserial' does not exist.
    adduser: The group `ugpio' does not exist.
    [ ok ] Starting RepetierServer (via systemctl): RepetierServer.service.
    Processing triggers for systemd (215-17+deb8u4) ...

  • Have you tried a hard reload with new server? It might be just mixing new and old javascript/pages creating garbage as I never got garbage here. Maybe the same problem on downgrade. Both version have same file names at same place so replacing contents should be no problem. Otherwise check server log for some hints.

    Downgrade was already described in your last post.
  • Hmm, the b-word.

    Found the problem with 0.70.1 and 0.75. Both run fine now.

    Our corporate antivirus, ESET, completely messed up the client side browser when connecting to Repetier Server. I had to tell ESET to NOT packet filter Firefox. Now 0.75 and 0.70.1 works fine again.

    I'm sorry I blamed Repetier Server.

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