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Hi All,

as I´m interested to improve or add Features for CNC operation of firmware i start this discussion to collect ideas.

please let me know features which are necessary from your point of view or some that just would be "nice to have ".

Thanks for your thoughts



  • I see on another discussion you've added "work coords" in the top left hand of your display for cnc mode,
    but in the bottom right, you still show extruder position. would it be possible to change this to spindle speed or laser enabled/disabled.

  • Would be at least more usefull. Main problem is that the menu is stored in flash, so we always need some tricks here to do so. When I get some time I will check if I see a solution at least for status screen.
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    should be possible with adding another placeholder , same principle as i did with the work coords.
    will take a look at that and make a suggestion , may take a few days so i´m busy on other things.

    to show spindle speed we would have to implement pwm for cnc , so as mostly all VFC´s are different
    we need to set the rpm to pwm range in config.

    simple  solution is  just showing mode   or spindle active respectively laser active.

    1st. possibility , no placeholder, just show "Laser" or "CNC"
    2nd possibility, using M3 / M5 command to show " Laser ON" or "Spindle ON"
    3rd possibility, placeholder calculate rpm on PWM setting and show spindle rpm or Laser %

    what do you think?
  • For laser I would say Laser 45%. Without pwm we only see 0 and 100% but that is ok I think.
    CNC is difficult since we only know PWM so % would be easy, but I guess RPM is what you want to know. But here the relation is at least for me unknown. Is it linear with pwm or how does it work?
  • I´ll check it on my VFC´s, i have 2 of them.
    but that´s only one part. Spindles also are different so that´s why i think we need  a place in config.h
    where we can define a factor for calculation pwm to rpm.
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