USB Drive mounting

Hi All,

How is everyone mounting their USB drive in Repetier Server to import a print to the Global settings folder?



  • Hello!
    I need help please.
    My printer ZoneStar P 802M v03, after I insert  SD Card for Off Line Print, it ask to Mount.
    What I need to do? Maybe damaged the directory?
  • @Rozfat does not sound like a server problem more like firmware issue. Does the zonestar have sd card detect pin, otherwise you must mount manually to see directory contents.
  • Yes, I have the SD card, but do not read it in manual way.
    Must I unzip from rar the file?
  • You are confusing me. What do you want to do with a sd card for printing with zip and rar and what do you want to unzip? The server does not run on your printer it runs on a pc like raspberry pi 3 where you can install it as described in the manual.
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