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I have an SD Card on my machine.  It would be very useful if Repetier Server could save gcode files directly on the printer's SD Card.  This way I could use the built in printer screen/menus to start print jobs.  I'm also using Repetier firmware.  


  • The server was designed to replace the sd card handling. The problem with execution from sd card is that you loose much control and most functions in server become useless. All you can do is watch temperatures and add manual moves to disturb print. No preview, no timelapse, no time prediction.
  • I'd love to see upload to SD-Card feature as well. 

    Why? I guess I could say: "just because OctoPi has it", but the real reason is: I don't trust printing over USB all that much. For one of my printers USB printing is officially not even supported. I did have a few prints fail over USB when using Cura (it just stopped mid print) and that caused me to go SD-Card only back then. 

    So I started looking for a solution just to upload files to my SD-card (wifi-sd only works in one of my 2 printers) and there's nothing out there. That is why I decided to give Repetier Server and OctoPi a try anyway and so far, USB printing worked just fine in Repetier Server (I did have to use a short USB cable though to avoid strange com errors) but there's still this nagging thought when starting a long print: "should I play it safe and print from the sd-card instead?".

    Being able to upload to the card (drag&drop would be nice), organize files on the card (delete, rename) and move files back and forth from Reptier to the card and vice versa would be a welcome addition for a new version of Repetier Server.

    PS: i'd also love to see a notes field for each gcode file in Repetier Server, so I can attach some additional info to each file.

    PS2: It would be really nice if i could setup a Samba share to "upload" to Repetier Server instead of having to go through the Webbrowser

    Sorry for hijacking this thread :-)
  • StephanK, I also requested your PS2.  The latest version (.75) does have this functionality.  You can "samba" a file into a folder, but to print it, you still have to use the interface, and move it from the folder to the print queue.  It's actually a few more steps than I wanted.  I've go back to saving to my local computer and uploading using the web interface.  It's a few less steps.

    I liked OctoPi's interface, but the performance was terrible and somewhat unreliable.  


  • Regarding PS2: Yes, we need some more information tht we create upon import. So what your suggestion would require is a monitor directory that does the copy and then imports. We could even take first level folders as groups. After import the server would delete the file in the monitored import directory. Would be a nice addition for simple import.
  • I've been using it for a few weeks now.  I am uploading files from S3D to the R-Server folder.  I just figured out that you can click the "Direct Print' button at the top, and it will let you choose a file that is in one of your import folders.  That works for me, but I would really love to see it automatically import them when you upload them from another computer.

    Thanks for looking into this.
  • I know this is an old post but I gotta say, I really want this feature. I'll upload a few things to repetier server and just remove the parts as they finish, but I always have to walk back to my computer to send the next print. I'd love to be able to do it from the menu system using my discount full graphic like I do for things on the SD card.
  • Hi, no that is not possible. The firmware menu can not control the server. You can do it from your smartphone.
  • Mike, I am running R-server on a Raspberry PI.  I added a touch screen interface to the PI.  I can start projects by using the touch screen.  Saving to SD card is not really necessary anymore.  BTW, you can use a computer monitor, and a mouse, if you don't want to buy a touch screen.  To use the mouse, you have to modify a config file.  The default install assumes you have a touch screen.
  • + 1 for the feature.
    I was thinking that there is no problems, but Windows 10 on laptop with server crashing just-in-time of print run.
    Now I replaced it with Orange Pi Zero hanging on wires between router and printer. Still doesn't fully trust it.
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