Repetier-Host - Gcode for Zortrax Arm


I'm starting a whole new world (language) with GCODE. I've already used Gcode for my Prusa I3X printer.
But now I want to control my Zortrax inspired robotic arm. They (Zortrax) gave a Gcode example to do a 'dance'. 
I want to make an autonomous movement that gets altered by data it's getting in from sensor. 

But for now I want to know if I use Repetier as a host to send the gcode to the marlin Ramps GT2560 board. Or is the host to much a 3D printer hosting program and if I should search for a better program which one should you suggest me. 

Kindest Regards!! 


  • If it marlin based you can use it to send. Just do not expect any preview to make sense if the parameter are not real coordinates. If they are the arm position you could even visualize it with show travel moves enabled.
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