Autoprint Queue

My printer knocks the part off after a print is finished so it can automatically start the next print. Currently I have an inconsistent and buggy work around to make this happen without user input. It would be nice to have a check box on the server that would allow automatic printing of next print in the queue. Thanks for all your work and contributions to an outstanding program.


  • Nice idea if it works reliable. I'm not sure I like the checkbox solution. That is not a common feature so I'm currently more a fan of adding a sever side gcode command that would set a flag to continue with next print. You then could put it on the end gcode so it always happens or just send it as predefined gcode.

    How does
    sound as server command.
  • Thats genius! A gcode command would be even better that way i can have a slic3r profile for prints that need to be done automatically and another profile for ones that dont. 
  • Already implemented for next release. Will come in a week or so. We are currently in testing stage for next release.
  • Hello,

    Sorry To ask you this question but i need To know. Is this feature implemented in the v0.86.2 ? If yes, What is the gcode command To that ? I have not found anything.

    Thanks you for your answer.
  • It is in the manual under server commands since g-code can not do this. And yes it is in 0.86.2 also you should upgrade to 0.86.3.


    Starts the next job in the print queue automatically as soon as the currently running job is completed. 
    Note: This is intended for printers that clear the bed automatically, because otherwise it will be printed on the full printing bed, which can cause damage!


    Disables @autostart_next_job.

  • Ok thanks you very much !
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