Does repetier firmware support dual extruder pwm fans for cooling parts?

I have been searching online everywhere and don't see this capability or people discussing precisely how to have two independent cooling fans , one for E1 and one for E2. I have looked in the firmware and again don't see setup or pin assign option for second pwm fan specifically for E2. I currently have the second pwm fan connected to pin 6 and pwm fan 1 on the standard ramps 1.4 D pin..  Has anybody got this to work and if so can you kindly point me in the right location to assign this pin? 

Essentially, I just want the two pwm fans on my dual extruder printer to alternate and work independently when tool head is changed. How hard can this be ! : (


  • While you can send M106/M107 with P0/P1 for different fans, the slicer will only produce M107 commands without P which defaults to P0. So you can manually set fan for second extruder but it will not be controlled by the slicer timing computations.
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