Repetier server crash computer with big gcode

I´m trying to print a 112Mb gcode. The print starts well but after a while causes the computer to crash. What could be the problem?


  • Define "crash"
  • Check disk space. Especially if you have logging or storage intensive things like timelapse running in parallel.
  • Computer don´t work until you restart. Disk space is big server says that I have 20Gb free
  • If the computer does not work it is not server related. It might be a power problem causing it to crash. I had once a usb cable that did not allow 2A to go through also power adapter had 2A. As a result display always showed the rainbow in the corner to signal under voltage.

    Linux is stable if the hardware is stable. Single software products may crash but the os will still run then.
  • I do it again the same gcode and it crashes again with diferent computer. I see the server log and it say this 
    2016-04-05 03:30:47: Sleep prevented
    2016-04-05 03:30:52: Sleep prevented
    2016-04-05 03:30:57: Sleep prevented
    2016-04-05 03:30:59: Shutting down web server.
    2016-04-05 03:30:59: Closing server
    2016-04-05 03:30:59: Stopping work dispatcher.
    2016-04-05 03:30:59: Stopping printer threads.
    2016-04-05 03:30:59: Connection closed: BigFoot
    2016-04-05 03:30:59: Closing user database.

    What can I do?

  • The log does not show a crash, it is a normal server stop you see like when running
    /etc/init.d/RepetierServer stop

    So the question is more who sends the terminate signal to server so that it shuts down cleanly.

    If you are using Repetier-Firmware as well you can fake printing with
    M111 S24
    Then you can send anything to printer and nothing happens (to spare pla and for faster testing).

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