Monoprice 11614 software

Has anyone used Repetier-Host on a Monoprice 11614 dual extruder 3D printer?  I just purchased one and would like to run Repetier instead of ReplicatorG as it suggests.  I am a Technology teacher and would like to keep the same platform for all of my 3D printers to keep student questions to a minimum ;)


  • Upon further investigation, I realized that the monoprice 3D printer is using the "Replicator Dual" settings.  Has anyone out there been able to run Repetier Host for a Replicator Dual?  If so, where can I find the config download file?  Thank you
  • What firmware is it running? If it requires the makerbot format it will not work.
  • It just says MonoPrice 3D printer firmware Version 1.0 when it is turned on.  I'm assuming this is a makerbot reproduction but I'm not sure.  I have been researching how some users have updated the firmware to sailfish.  I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to updating firmware so please forgive me if I use the incorrect terms.  If I update the printer to sailfish, would repetier then work to control my machine?

    I love using your software because it gives me so much control over the machine and is able to be used with my middle school students!

     Thank you for your help!
  • Sailfish is a open source makebot replacement, so it speaks the makerbot format we do not understand. So sorry, but with that firmware it will not work.
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