Connections problem after sitting idle

This one has bothered me for several months. Why does my computer fail to connect with Repeater Host after it sits idle? I can print fine one day, come back the next, and the only way that I can get the printer to be recognized and connect is by restarting my Mac (OS X). Anything I might change? Thanks.


  • OS X disconnects serial connection when it goes to sleep. Maybe that is the reason. A simple disconnect/connect should be sufficient and normally the host detects this and does a reconnect on it's own. Never had that problem.

    Is that what you meant with idle? I mean after connecting host is also idle so it is not clear what your idle exactly is.
  • I have had the same issue with host 1.02. No issue with .56 works great. My printers will disconnect and jobs are stopping mid print. My Macs are set to not sleep or go idle. I like the look of 1.02, but can't get it working consistently.
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