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Hey guys, wondering if anyone else has this issue. The e-stop seems to send when no other command is sent but if in home or in a command e-stop will not work. I would figure that e-stop should have priority over all other commands. Maybe add a way to clear the buffer so that it has priority.


  • It is not possible to interrupt firmware when it is not listening for new commands. Firmware already has a early e-stop detection but that only happens when it is allowed to read next command, whcih a homing or wait for temperature command might block for quite a while. Only thing that really helps is the possibility to reset printer.
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    The repetier host just disconnects and reconnects to the microcontroller to reset. Would that be possible to add? If you are using an arduino or atmel chip, when you reconnect serial is reset which acts like a hardware interrupt because it sends a reset using the dtr. 
  • Yes, reconnecting sometimes work also that is not required. It is the dtr toggle causing the reset on many boards and I plan a improved reset function in next release which I will also hook to emergency stop then.
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