Help Using the API

I've written some Amazon Echo integration with Repetier Server...  so from the living room I can say "Alexa, ask 3D printer for it's current status" and it'll return "The 3D Printer named Home Office is currently powered and online and is 63% done printing a 3D model named Bishop Chess Piece".  This allows me to check on the printer without having to walk back to my home office and without having to find my phone or computer... in fact I can get a status update without moving my hands and eyes away from playing a video game.

I was able to get that Alexa integration to work by using the Repetier Server API at /printer/list/<printer_name> with the api key for my user.

Anyway, that works great, but now I want to do more.  I'd like to be able to get a list of items available to print and start printing one, and be able to disable the motors or move the axis by voice...  and to do that I need to know how to do that in the API, but nothing I've tried works.  

I found this documentation, but it has no examples:

I tried to follow it, like by doing this to send the extruder to the home location (G28):

But unfortunately it won't move with that...  :(

Can anyone help me figure out how to use the API to send gcode commands, list available models, and start printing one?


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