Setting Origin Position


So printing from Repetier Host is great.
But i have had to mirror my prints, due to the orientation of where the 0,0 position is, between Repetier Host and the Physical Printers references.

As not all printers have there 0,0 Positions on the same place, some have Max/Min End stops, Some have the Sensors on the Front/Left/Right/Back corners.

Can we please have a feature so that we can set the 0,0,0 positions to match our home positions, of the physical printer.
This way the representation in the Repetier Host GUI then better reflects the actual Prints we get off the machines.



  • All printers have xy plane and you can set 0,0 where you want in your bed. If you home to max then define that axis to have max endstop. Not sure what exactly is not possible. Sounds more like your printer is configured with wrong direction on one axis.

    Remember: Printers use a right handed coordinate system!
  • hi,

    thanks for the feedback....

    The printer works 100%.
    Printer prints 100%

    The GUI though has the 0,0 position on the wrong side.
    would be nice if users can customise.
  • Configuring printer with wrong direction does nor prevent it from working, it just make it mirror the print as you described.

    If you look at printer you have - 0 + and the bed from front to back also has - 0 + position. You can move the 0 to any position just by adding negative position to left/front. As I understand you, you want x to go from positive to negative values which is simply wrong and needts to be fixed in configuration.  
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