Home issues

So, when I make a script like this:


G0 Z0 Y90 X0 F3500

and then I use it, my printer goes to home, but when it does the move command at the end the z axis still shows the height of home. As in when I home z axis shows something like 650mm, then when I use that script, it still says 650mm on the z axis even though it has moved down to the bed? Anyone having the same issue?


  • I guess it is the position returned by G28 that the host takes up as it has send the G0 move already when the answer is received. Add a M114 at the end of the script to correct it. The firmware always knows it correctly but that confuses the host a bit as it backreads expired informations.
  • Thanks that helps a lot, little things like that bug me sometimes!
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