i am new here. i have worked with Repetier for 2 years now and get a strange response moving the flow slider
Repetier stops the flow of filament completely as soon as i select a value below 100% (say 99%)
it returns to extrude as soon as 100% flow or more is selected.
i can't find a setting to change this weird behavior.


  • This should not happen. What combination of host/firmware are you exactly using? I guess it is bug in firmware if that happens as host only sends the command M221 S99 in that case.

  • thanks for reply
    i am using Marlin firmware 1.1.0
    repetier host 1.6.1
    what do you suggest i do?
  • Find a marlin version without that bug I guess. It worked with 1.0 so I guess there were some changes since then.
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