3D printer commands waiting, won't do anything further?

First of all, let me say I'm in chemical engineering, so I'm not very familiar with the software/hardware engineering aspect of things.

My 3D printer worked fine before I transported it to another location, and it was a bit bumpy of a drive so I'm wondering if that had any effect. When I turn it on, its little servo that touches down on the four corners of the bed prior to a print to determine the level is acting weird. It jerks partway down and then acts like it gets stuck. 

I plugged it into my computer and turned on Repetier-Host and connect it, and no matter what I do it shows commands waiting. I googled and some people said it may have something to do with the baud rate, but it's set at 115200 just like they say to set it to, so I don't think that's the problem.

I gently fiddled with the wiring to make sure that everything was connected properly (it seemed to be), and now when I try to connect it tells me "No ports available for autoselect. Please connect your printer first!"



  • No ports available is just that windows has no serial ports visible meaning your printer is not connected or there is a hardware problem (assuming it is the same computer used before with drivers installed).

    If the other locations is also a other computer make sure driver is installed and also make sure baud rate is set correctly then it should work.
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