Zuto-bed leveling correction

Hey guys!

Following the steps here,

Everything is working great! I have chosen the BED_LEVELING_METHOD 2, so I have a nice grid on my delta printers bed. When I use the height map tool, it works great measuring these points and gives me great input, but when I try to use g29 for correction, instead of the 7x7 points, it just does 3 points. I can't seem to find the setting that makes it do all 7x7 points? Anyone having the same issue?




  • First that command is now G33 as G29 is originally 3 point height measurement without correction.

    Second you seem to not have enabled distortion correction in your configuration, which is why it falls back to 3 point measurement.
  • Thanks was driving me nuts! Works like it does in the video with G33. Problem I am having now though is it seems I haven't quite calibrated my gaps correctly, namely the gaps between x-y, y-z, an z-x. they are 0.7mm off, time to get a little more nitty gritty with them. I have them equal to each other, but I can't figure out how to get them match the endstop heights and the z height in the center which match up pretty well with each other.
  • I guess I should say that I don't want distortion correcting for that, because it only goes for the first few layers.
  • If you have a overall height difference the correct way is adjusting z probe height to match it correctly. If you increase it all z gaps go down by that value after next calibration. A quick way without recalibration is increasing z length in eeprom by the error.
  • Thanks for your help! I'll check that out!
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