Repetier Server disconnects

Hi there,
yesterday i did set up my repetier server. I´m using a ramps1.4 with the latest marlin release. It all worked fine and i got my motors to move how i wanted them to do. But than I wanted to set up my thermoresistor. I changed the value in the marlin firmware and also added a new table to the thermotable.h. I reuploaded the code connected the thermoresistor to T0 and connected to repetier. The temperature was read correctly. But after a restart the server disconnects after a few seconds. I changed the Arduino, connected it without the rampsshield and the error still exists. I´m connecting with a rate of 115200 i did choose marlin in repetierserver and set up the right rate in: marlin, repetier, and windows.

Anybody any advice? Thanks.


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