long delay between sending command and its execution

I'm encountering troubles while performing manual control and preliminary testing:
- the time between sending the command and its execution is very long : I had to wait more than 20 seconds just for the switching on of the fan
- multiple
Error: Wrong Checksum
Resend ....
Error: Format Error
Resend ...
- the same troubles appears for moving the motors

The hardware is based on a Mega and Ramps 1.4 and latest repetier firmware.
I set the communication speed to 57600bds, tried to deactivate DTRHigh->Low in case of reset, and also check with other USB cable.
It does not really help...
By using Repetier server, it works a little bit better (less errors, but still takes time, and seems more or less unusable)

I didn't try ferrit block around the USB cable for the moment, and didn't completely change my hardware like done by someone in a similar post.

Any idea ?

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