using repetier interface

I am new to this forum and 3d printing.  I have been building my printer for months now and I am starting to make it come alive.  I am still calibrating all axis and extruders.  My first question for the forum is does repetier have a manual jog function or is it only the 1, 10, 50 increments?  I am use to mach 3 on our cnc plaz cutter and it has a manual jog and you use the arrow keys is there anyway to make repetier work that way?  I will have many more questions as they come up.  
Thanks for any help,
Jeremy Mowry


  • No that is not possible, because there is a delay between sending command and executing. Mach3 is host + firmware in one so it can do it.
  • Thanks for the response.  I'm sure I will have more questions later
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