Computer freezes, Bluescreen, Sudden stop

First I would like to thank you for the effort you are doing with the Repetier software it is by far the software I like the best.
Unfurtunatly I am having trouble with getting it to work.

I am using Windows 10, newest versions of repetier software and the firmware configuration tool at, and have tried two different computers with the same result.
  • When Repetier Host starts, The program stops responding and Windows is looking for a reason.
  • Runnig Repetier Server, I have better results but here every ones in a while my computer crashes, either just stops working or showing bluescreen, or the print just stop as if the connection between computer and printer is disconnected. There is no pattern in when it happens. Sometimes in the first printing layer, sometimes in the middle of a print, and if I am very lucky, my print finishes.
  • When stopping a print from the server, the connection to the printer is lost and I have to shut the server down and restart it (Same as in another thread).
I tried differnt settings and different slicers. But now I have run out of ideas ? Do you have any ?

Best regards
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